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Gold Jewelry

Egyptians began the trend of wearing this jewel encrusted with other gems. We want you to feel as illustrious as those from the ancient days except in today’s gold-expanding society. Gold is the center of civilization today so don't miss out on the world’s greatest golden jewelry. Here at Yasini, we offer our customers the greatest gold jewelry, unique to their styles and tastes ranging from;

  • 10k Gold
  • 14k Gold
  • 18k Gold
  • 21k Gold
  • 22k Gold


White Gold

Yasini has proven throughout the years that our gold is distinctive and distinguished amongst the best in the world. White gold is no exception. Our white gold jewelry is one of a kind and has been appreciated for years by thousands of customers. From pendants and necklaces to bridal sets and engagement bands, we have the highest quality of white gold that is pure and pristine.



Diamonds are such a rare jewel that most of it was not created on earth (as they came from meteorites created prior to the earth’s creation) and some diamonds are even older than the earth. As a family owned and operated business, we know how special diamonds are to that special someone. Take advantage of Yasini’s carefully crafted jewel. Buying diamonds from Yasini jewelry is not only a gift that our customers will cherish, but choosing a diamond that our customers love only adds to our mission of 100% guaranteed satisfaction.



Yasini Jewelry has the best silver for life best moments. As one of the many precious metals Yasini has to offer, this can be something to add for yourself or a loved one to purchase when visiting one of our branches. From charm bracelets to mens and womens watches, this is one precious metal that will keep all of our customers charmed.

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